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Converting the carbureted fuel system on your car or truck over to EFI can be a daunting task. We have made this conversion easy with our complete tank and fuel system kits! The heart of a fuel system begins with the fuel tank. When converting to EFI, it is crucial that you do not contaminate your new parts with dirt, rust, and sludge from an old fuel tank. We offer a simple and inexpensive solution to convert your fuel system to EFI with our Sniper replacement fuel tank and Returnless EFI fuel tank module. Sniper fuel tanks are designed to meet or exceed the quality of your factory fuel tank. Sniper tanks are made from stainless steel that are manufactured to the oem specifications for your musclecar or truck. The fuel tank modules include a Holley HydraMat and are designed as a direct replacement for your factory pick-up and sending unit so no modifications are needed. With the addition of 20 feet of Earl's Vaporgaurd hose and hose clamps your fuel system is complete. These fuel tanks and module kits are the perfect solution for your EFI conversion.


  • The stainless steel fuel tank
  • Stock replacement fuel tanks are made to oem specifications for a great fit for your ride
  • The in-tank fuel pump is a high-pressure 255-lph unit, capable of supporting EFI engines producing up to 550 horsepower
  • The module includes a pre-calibrated fuel-level sending unit that was designed to work with the factory fuel gauge already in your vehicle
  • Includes a Holley HydraMat with its unique internal reservoir, which keeps fuel available at the pickup while also providing protection from contaminates
  • Fuel pressure is regulated internally and preset at 58psi, eliminating the added expense of purchasing an external fuel pressure regulator
  • No return line needed. All return fuel is handled inside the tank
  • Multi-layer rubber hose designed to withstand to the corrosive properties of modern fuels
  • Primary Barrier Liner – initial layer offers high resistance to heat and aggressive fuels
  • Vapor Guard Barrier – Thermoplastic layer provides superior fuel isolation significantly reducing vapors from escaping through the hose
  • Fuel Injection Hose – Rated Maximum 225 PSI

1969-1970 Mustang Fuel Tank and EFI Module Combo

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