This Ignition Module works with all Duraspark distributors, including our DSII distributor. It can be used with either DSII Inferno Coil, or any aftermarket coil. Price includes the gold ballast resistor, required wirng, and easy to follow instructions. 

The DSII Ignition Module provides reliable "seat of the pants" performance up to 6500 rpm for street applications, or 10,000 rpm for race. The Dyna-Module allows the spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055" and provides serious firepower up to 10,000 rpms! 

For street applications, the enclosed gold resistor must be used.  The resistor is used as a precautionary measure to protect the coil and module from premature failure during long periods of running time. Even with the resistor in the system, the firepower from this kit is still much hotter than stock, from idle up to 6500 rpm. For all out racing applications, the gold resistor is eliminated. This allows the system to produce an intense spark up to 10,000 rpm.

DSII Dyna Ignition Module (only)