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1965-1973 Ford Mustang 170/200 Header Dual Outlet Kit

A dual-outlet header is recommended for 6-cylinder engines, especially if no other modifications will be made. This game-changing dual-outlet header sports a gorgeous nickel-plated finish. The primary tubes on this dual-outlet header have a diameter of 1-1/2,", the collectors measure 2-1/2" in diameter with a 5/16" thick mounting flange. The dual-outlet header kit is for Mustang enthusiasts that have a 6-cylinder engine but want that classic look and the beefy, impressive sound of a V8. The installation of this Scott Drake dual-outlet header kit for your Mustang will improve both your horsepower production and the fuel economy. Gaskets and mounting hardware are included.

Scott Drake Dual Header Kit

PriceFrom $532.00
    • Nickel plated tubing provides corrosion protection and a stunning under hood presentation
    • 5/16" thick mounting flanges help ensure a leak free installation
    • 1.5" primary tubes and 2.5" collectors
    • Includes mounting hardware and gaskets
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