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This billet adaptor is use to install an Autolite 1100-1V with a 1.5" carb bore, on any late model cylinder head with a 1.75" carb bore. Includes one gasket (stock manifold gasket not included).

1V Carb Adapter (Small 1V to Large Log)

  • This 1V carb adaptor is used to install the Autolite 1100-1V (1.5" carb bore) on any late model large log cylinder head (1.75" bore). Like the stock spacer plate, it has a screw boss on the side for mounting the carb linkage. It also has a threaded hole for those who need a source for manifold vacuum, or you can cap it off with a pipe plug if you prefer. Unlike other adaptors, this adaptor is only a 1/2" thick, whcih increases hood clearance and allows the use of a thicker air filter element for increased air flow and horse power.

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