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Q-  What should I do first?

A-  Order the The Falcon Six Performance Handbook or Ford Inline Six: How to Rebuild and Modify They are your best guides for how to modify your Ford inline six.

Q-  I have a basically stock inline six but I want to get better driveability out of it and a little more power.  What should I do?

A-  Assuming your engine is good shape and you've checked the basics- compression, timing, vacuum leaks, etc., the best place to start is with a distributor upgrade.  Upgrade to a full electronic distributor to get better starting, smoother running, and maybe even a little more power.  Next, upgrade to a better 1V carburetor, or a 2V.  A small Weber carb (32/36) on an otherwise stock engine is a good upgrade.  You can use a 2V to 1V adapter, for a straightforward swap.  You might have to upgrade to a throttle cable and pedal to complete the swap.   On a stock engine, a header looks great, but probably won't add much performance, but if you upgrade to a small diameter, dual exhaust with turbo mufflers, it will sound fantastic and look good, too.

Q-  I've done the basics, now I want some more power.  What should I do next?

A-  The next logical phase is to do some work on the head.  A cast iron cylinder head can be made to work very well on a car that gets driven for fun.  This is where you'll start to make improvements you can feel.  Upgrading to a later model head is the best way to go.  It has larger valves, a larger intake plenum, and room to install a 2V conversion adapter without much fuss.  You can port the exhaust pretty easily, but, the intakes are more restrictive due to the integral intake.  You don't need to go crazy, you'll get a big boost from normal modifications, including a good valve job and backcutting the intake valves.

Q-  Will there be more alloy cylinder heads made?

A-  That's the reason I got into this business!  I plan to continue to offer the cylinder heads.  I am working with a new foundry and they have hurdles to jump.  If you would like to know when the heads become available, please sign up for the newsletter.  I will let everyone know when I am ready to start taking orders.

Q-  I need something you don't carry.  Can you get it for me?

A-  The short answer is, probably.  I have some items that still have not made their way to the website.  Some parts, on the other hand, are just too cost prohibitive to produce.  Please contact me via email for specific parts questions.

Q-  I want to buy a "package" that has the parts I need.  How come you don't have package deals?

A-  Like many things I haven't done, I have not found the time to put them together and get them on the site!  I fully intend to offer them, based on the recommendations from the former Classic Inlines website, and the The Falcon Six Performance Handbook.  Watch for an announcement in the newsletter when it happens.

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