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Cams show as "In Stoc" but they may need to be drop shipped.

274/274 224/224 .450/.450 108* 1800-5700
Excellent low to mid range performance cam
Fair vacuum, lopey idle, great with 2V conversions
Manual transmission or stall converter recommended

274/274-108* Hydraulic Cam

SKU: CSC-274-HSP-08
  • NOTE: Many manufacturers automatically grind their cams with four degrees of advance, however Clay Smith Cams are ground straight up. As such, Clay Smith Cams should be installed with four degrees of advance for the best performance. For the best results, always degree a new cam, even if you have to rent a cam degree kit from your local rental shop or auto parts supplier. We guarantee you won't regret taking the time to do it right. 

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