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*** Out of stock indefinitely. There are no cores for us to rebuild.


New 1.6 ratio, adjustable rocker arm assembly, fully assembled and ready to bolt on. Requires adjustable style ball and cup push rods (sold separately) if you are replacing a stock non-adjustable rocker assembly. High ratio rocker arms increase valve lift, increasing air flow and performance, especially at low and mid range RPM's. Dyno testing only showed a peak gain of 2 HP, however it also showed an average gain of 10 HP, as compared to a stock 1.5 ratio rocker assembly on a modified log cylinder head (see comments below). Recommended for stock applications, mild performance motors, or when the cylinder head and/or block have been milled more than .125" to increase or maintain the C/R. When using single valve springs, extreme caution must be observed to prevent

NOTE: Price includes a $50 refundable core charge. ($25 for non-adjustable).

Refer to the Classic Inlines tech article on "How to Adjust Your Valves" when installing the rockers. Link is available in our Tech section.

Adjustable 1.6 High Ratio Rocker Assembly 170-250 CI

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