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Rod Bolt Kit for all 170/200/250ci motors. The 24 piece set includes SBF rod bolts and nuts. While this kit requires some machine work, it is very easy to do and can be done by any machine shop for a few bucks. 

ARP® studs and bolts are approximately ten times stronger than OEM fasteners. A performance motor is only as strong as it weakest link, which happens to be the rod bolts in our inline sixes. Installing ARP Rod Bolts, substantially increases the bottom end strength over stock OEM bolts, and is highly recommended on performance motors. Main and Head studs are also recommended over bolts for performance applications, and for good reason. Studs not only make it much easier to assembly an engine, assuring the cylinder head and gasket are properly aligned. Studs also provide more accurate and consistent torque loading, which helps in preventing future head gasket leaks. 


ARP Rod Bolt Kit (144/170/200/250)

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