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The billet thermostat housings are available in two sizes, one for the 144/170/200ci engines, and one for the 250ci engines. Both styles are available with a 3/8" hole, which is used for a temperature sending unit, or, can be ordered without the sensor in some colors. Gasket included.

Billet Thermostat Housing

PriceFrom $45.00
  • They are available in a natural finish (can be painted or powder coated), anodized (red, blue, black, or gold), or fully polished. The 250ci housing, without the hole, is shown below. The 144/170/200ci versions are slightly smaller to clear the water pump pulley. 

    NOTE: The red, blue, and gold anodized units are limited (until supplies last) as we will no longer offer these colors once they are gone. 

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