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These dual roller chain sets feature billet gears with hardened teeth. The crank gear has nine key ways for adjusting cam timing in 2, 4, and 6 degree increments (advance or retard). They offer greater strength and reduced chain stretch over stock chains to maintain accurate cam timing, and offer less resistance which aids in decreasing oil temperatures and increasing HP.  They require no modifications to install and will fit under the existing stock timing chain cover without any clearance issues.

Dual Roller Timing Chain Set (170/200ci)

  • Note: In some cases you may need to eliminate the oil slinger (looks like a big washer) for adequate clearance, but this is OK. The oil slinger was used to sling oil away from the crankshaft seal in an effort to reduce oil leaks, however the oil slinger is no longer needed due to improvements in gasket technology.  

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