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This Street/Strip DUI Distributor is built with a 50,000 volt coil that allows a whopping .055" plug gap, which provides a more powerful explosion of the fuel mixture. The Dyna Module is designed with more electronic dwell time as well, producing an even hotter spark. Unlike stock Ford systems, and many aftermarket systems, no ballast resistor is required, which reduces the voltage in the ignition system. The DUI allows FULL voltage providing a better spark and more power. Every DUI Distributor is custom curved on a machine based prior to packaging. This results in a super smooth curve, which eliminates engine damaging detonation, and provides instant throttle response. Caps are available in Black, Blue, or Red. 


Kit includes Live Wires and billet wire looms.


*Images are representative of the actual product, but not exact.


DUI Complete Ignition Kit - 240/300

PriceFrom $521.00
  • DUI LiveWire Sets are custom fit for use with our DUI Performance Distributors - no assembly is required. Each wire is numbered on both ends making installation, removal and re-installation quick and easy.

    LiveWires® from Performance Distributors, have a space age heat resistant sleeving which is non-flammable and non-corrosive to chemicals. This unique sleeving provides protection from -76° to +1400° F and offers excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals. The LiveWire spiral wound core prevents electronic interference, radio noise, and computer interference. They offer an extremely low resistance of 300 - 350 Ohms per foot, for optimum spark travel. Each LiveWires has a durable and long lasting silicone jacket, with heat shrink applied between the boot and the sleeving to keep dirt and moisture away from wire terminals. Custom Livewire kits are available in black, blue, red, and yellow.

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