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The DUI Ignition Kit includes the DUI Distributor, a set of Custom LiveWires and Billet Wire Looms. Please designate cap color, wire color, and loom color when ordering.

Fits: The 1/4" drive fits all 144/170 ci motors, except the late 170ci. 

NOTE: Before you install your new distributor, we recommend reading the Classic Inlines tech article on Preventing Premature Distributor Gear Wear. See link in Tech section.

NOTE: The DUI distributor will not fit with a standard power steering pump due to the additional height and width of the DUI distributor. The Borgeson power steering pump and bracket are made specifically for this engine and provide adequate clearance.

Ford Street/Strip DUI 144/170 CI Kit

PriceFrom $570.00
  • The D.U.I. Advantage

    • Simple One Wire Hookup
    • Allows For Wider Plug Gaps
    • Instant Throttle Response
    • No Spark Box Needed
    • Custom Tuned For Your Engine
    • Hand Built to Exact Tolerances
    • 50,000 Volt Coil and Dyna Module
    • Original HEI Style Distributor For Fords
  • Please note that DUI Distributors may not be ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several days to complete before shipping out. During our busy season (March-September), build times can take slightly longer.

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