Low Profile Alloy Carb Hat for remote air cleaners (when hood clearances prevent the use of standard air cleaners) or for boosted applications. Fits all Holley and Autolite 2V/4V carbs with a 5 1/8" neck, as well as Weber DGV-2V and Autolite 1100-1V carbs when used with a baseplate adaptor. Baseplate adapters sold separately.

Low Profile Alloy Carb Hat Style 2

PriceFrom $125.00
  • Single Snorkel:  5 1/2" Round x 2" High with a single 3" hose outlet.  9 1/2" wide at the snorkel.  Recommended for 1V or 2V carbs only.

    Finish: natural or natural with polished fins (which can be painted by the customer)

    Includes: Alloy carb hat and mounting bolt (base plate adaptors optional). 

    Fits: All Holley & Autolite 2V carbs with 5 1/8" neck, as well as the Weber DGV-2V and Autolite 1100-1V with optional base plate adaptors.