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This billet adapter is used to install a Weber 2V carb on a 240/300 stock cylinder head. The adaptor comes with a custom billet insert, which improves air flow and horse power, and 6 stainless steel Allen head cap screws for mounting (carb studs and spacer are optional). Spacers are available separately, if needed.

Weber 1V-2V Adapter - 240/300

PriceFrom $125.00
  • Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, this adaptor is used to install a Weber 2V carb on a stock 240/300 cylinder head. The adaptor includes a custom insert, which improves air flow and horse power, as well as six stainless steel Allen head cap screws. Carb studs and phenolic spacers are optional. Our adaptors offer improved hood clearance due to their slim design, and orientate the carb parallel to the crankshaft for improved fuel distribution. No machining required.

    Includes: Two piece adaptor, custom insert, and 6 stainless steel Allen head cap screws. Gaskets not included. 

    Due to conflicting bolt patterns the only way to install a Weber 2V carb on a 240/300 head is to use a two piece adaptor. The first part bolts to the intake manifold using two allen head cap screws, then the second part (with the Weber Bolt pattern) is bolted down with recessed allen head cap screws (see below). In the photo below you can also see the custom insert that slips into the lower piece of the adaptor. As in our other adaptors, the insert not only funnels the air into the carb bore, it conceals the Allen head screws to improve airflow and horsepower.

  • Note: During installation we recommend using silicone gasket maker between the intake manifold and the adaptor, and between the two adaptor plates, rather than a normal gasket, as this helps to eliminate any vacuum leaks that may occur.

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