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Perfect for stock or mild performance engines, the Weber 32/36 DGV carb is a progressive down-draft carburetor with counter-clockwise rotation. As a progressive carb it operates as a one barrel most of the time, with the second barrel only opening when more power is needed, or under wide open throttle. While it comes with a manual choke, electric and hot water chokes are available (see options). The DGV offers increased performance, trouble-free maintenance, excellent drivability, and in most cases, improved fuel economy.

Weber 32/36 DGV-2V Carburetor

PriceFrom $327.00
  • Note: Now jetted for 6 cylinder engines.  However, occasionally you'll need to rejet the carb to get the best performance. Please see the Classic Inlines tech article on Adjustments & Tuning for more information.  See link in Tech Section.
    NOTE: Failure to purge the gas line and/or installing a new fuel filter will void the warranty.

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