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The "Conversion" kit comes with our conversion adapter, a 1/4" spacer, a fuel pressure regulator or an electric fuel pump, universal linkage kit, and a  Weber DGV 32/36 2V carb with a manual or electric choke. Air cleaners sold separately.  Fuel pump block off sold separately.

Weber "Conversion" Kit DGV 32/36

PriceFrom $466.00
  • Note:  The kit comes with a Holley fuel pressure regulator, however a high quality Weber regulator is available (see options). 
    Note: You can use your stock fuel pump with a fuel pressure regulator, or an electric fuel pump (see options). If you use the AirTex Electric Fuel Pump, you do not need to use a fuel pressure regulator. A stainless steel Fuel Pump Block-off Plate is available.
    Note: In most cases you'll need to replace the stock distributor with an aftermarket distributor, such as the Duraspark II or the DUI. Please see the Classic Inlines tech articles on Ignition System Choices and Load-O-Matic Distributors for more information. 
    Note: Modifications to the carb linkage are required. Some guys modify their existing linkage, while others install a throttle cable. These can be purchased new from Lokar, or you can adapt a used pedal and cable from a bone yard donor car, such as a Maverick or Granada. 
    Note: This adaptor requires modifications to the log manifold, thereby requiring the removal of the cylinder head for machine work. 

    Note: Now jetted for 6 cylinder engines. However, occasionally you'll need to rejet the carb to get the best performance. Please see the Classic Inlines tech article on Adjustments & Tuning for more information. See link in Tech Section.

    NOTE: Failure to purge the gas line and/or installing a new fuel filter will void the warranty.

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