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Adjustable full roller rocker arm assembly with 1.65 high ratio rockers. Fits all 170/200/250ci engines. Assembly required, but it's pretty easy. Kit includes adjustable full roller rocker arms (with roller tips and bearings), oil-through chrome moly ball & ball pushrods, oil-through lifters, and all required hardware.  Now with Clay Smith performance push rods.

Note: the stock oiling system (through the shaft) is eliminated when removing the old shaft assembly and installing this kit.  This Full Roller Rocker kit requires assembly on the head, but it is a realtively simple procedure. Remove the old assembly, bolt on the spacer bars, install the rockers in pairs, and adjust valve lash.

NOTE: cylinder head removal is required to replace the lifters with SBF oil through style lifters. Kit includes the proper lifters and pushrods. 

Please see the Classic Inlines tech article for information on the various types of rocker arms that are available, as well as the different styles of pedestals that were used by Ford, and the benefits of using high ratio rockers.

Also see the tech article on "How to Adjust Your Valves" when installing the rockers. 

NOTE: Due to the varied deck heights, head milling, and gasket thickness, Vintage Inlines can not guarantee that the pushrods will be the correct length for proper valve train geometry. The best way is to assemble the valve train and measure the pushrod length with an adjustable pushrod. Then order the pushrods, letting us know the precise length needed. Otherwise all we can do is guess and take our best shot at it.

Yella Terra Adjustable 1.65 Full Roller Rocker Set

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