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This is why I'm starting a new business

I'd like to express my gratitude to the late Mike Winterboer, owner of Classic Inlines. I don't know if I could have rounded up all the parts necessary to build my 6 cylinder the way I did without his website, and his technical information. I also want to acknowledge David and Dennis Schjeldahl, authors of The Ford Falcon Six Cylinder Performance Handbook. The information and pictures in that book are incredible. Thanks guys.

In honor of Mike, I am trying to recreate the online store that he spent so much time developing. I am not associated with Classic Inlines, other than having been a satisfied customer. But, I feel I share the passion that many of you have for these engines and the cars they are in. I felt compelled to try to pick up the torch and run with it. That is my motivation for starting this business, and I hope you can appreciate that, and know that I do it with the utmost respect for Mike. Please be kind and patient s I try to get this thing figured out and firing on all 6 cylinders!!


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