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Almost done with the teardown

Very nice parts inside. Crower rods and rod bolts. I don’t know the story. They are not in the catalog. JE pistons, .020” over. Unfortunately, several of them are scuffed pretty bad. I’m gonna let Automotive Machine try to figure out why. Maybe they can tell if it was built too tight and got damaged when it heated up, or if it didn’t get any oil, etc. it doesn’t seem like the engine had any miles on it to speak of. Clay Smith cam, 292-12

Centerforce clutch and flywheel

The crank has had attention too. Balanced of course, oil holes chamfered

I’m trying to get it to the machine shop in the next few days

***also- block was o-ringed in prep for turbocharging

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18 mar 2021

Let us know some dimensions and the expected compression ratio when you know ‘em, can’t wait to hear what this thing can do!

Me gusta

Shaun Doyle
Shaun Doyle
11 mar 2021

Looks fun!

Me gusta

Matt Cox
Matt Cox
09 mar 2021
Contestando a

I’m pretty excited. I hope it can just be cleaned up. I’ve got a set of .020” over forged pistons that I hope will work. Not sure if the ones in it have a custom compression height.

Me gusta
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